Ladies Social Cycling Group
Hamilton's Ladies Social Cycling Group is a NON-competitive, supportive, fun cycling group for like minded women of all ages, shapes, sizes, experience; clad in lycra or not, makes no difference!

As women, we are naturally group oriented. Cycling in a group is for most, more fulfilling than cycling alone, however, for those of us who have not been on a bike for a long time, making the move to ride again can be very scary!

The fear of 'not being good enough', 'holding the others up', "I can't ride up hills", "what if I get a puncture a long way from home", "what if I fall off", are very common feelings.

Here's the TRUTH: the majority of the ladies in the Ladies Social Cycling Group started off feeling exactly the same way!

We all support each other, especially new riders. A lot of work is being done by some awesome ladies in the group, to design routes that work for us, both at beginner levels, and as we improve.

Group rides, both locally and out-of-town, are mostly on 'share with care paths' and 'rail trails'. Occasionally we ride on rural roads or mountain bike trails.

Each ride has a leader and a tail-end-charlie to help create the maximum enjoyment for the riders. Even though we express the critical importance of safety, individuals are required to take responsibility for themselves, their property, and watch out for the wellbeing of their fellow riders, share-with-care paths, trails and other road users.

Top of the priority list though is to have FUN! Every idea regarding fun rides, is so welcome.